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The Best Web Design Ideas For 2020

Web design trends change over time. If you look at sites from 10 years ago, you’ll see that a lot of these sites now look very dates. That’s why you’ll want to pay close attention to some of the top web design ideas for 2020, as Armagh Web Design explains. See if these suggestions would work for your sites.

Use Pops Of Bold Colour

While minimalism is still on-trend in 2020, you should feel as though your sites have to be boring. To keep a website from feeling overly plain, you could try using a bold-coloured accent or two. Pops of bright pink or electric blue can add a lot of visual interest to a site without being overwhelming.

The bulk of your site should consist of black text on a white background. However, there should be plenty of opportunities for you to use a bolder accent colour. Just don’t overdo it and add too much colour to your site. A little bit of colour can go a very long way.

Use CSS Grids

For many years now, responsive web design has been a major web design trend. It’s still essential to create a site that displays properly on mobile devices, but you may want to look into using CSS grids on your site.

Using CSS grids can solve a lot of the issues that people have with responsive websites. If you use these grids when you design a site, you can ensure that everyone that visits your site will be able to see it perfectly.

Hand-Drawn Images

It’s been very common to see stock photos on sites in recent years. Unfortunately, these photos can look a bit drab. People might even see the same stock photo on multiple sites! Instead of sticking with stock images, you could try working with an artist to create hand-drawn images. Pictures like this will really stand out.

What kinds of hand-drawn images should you be having an artist create for you? Having a mascot for your site is an excellent idea, and a hand-drawn logo can also make a big impression. You may even want to work with an artist to create infographics for your site.

Try Using More Unusual Fonts

You should make sure that the font you use for your content is simple and easy to read. However, when it comes to header images, you’ll want to take chances on fonts that are more unusual and visually interesting. Like hand-drawn images, fonts like this can make your site a lot more interesting to look at.

These days, people visit many sites, and it can be difficult to ensure that your site stands out. If you want to build a site that no one will forget, you should take a look at unique and interesting fonts.

Are you trying to find some of the best web design ideas for 2020? If you’re looking for web design inspiration, these simple ideas could help to set you down the right path. It’s important to keep up with trends and to build sites that look clean and professional.